OCTOBER 9th – 15th, 2023

$5 Taco Specials from St. Louis’ Most Delicious Restaurants!

St. Louis
Taco Week!

It’s been known for some time that St. Louis is a creative culinary hot spot. We are celebrating the city’s most creative creations – Tacos! Each restaurateur and Chef will prepare their unique take on taco with a taco special. The idea is to get people to embrace the food, culture and St. Louis-love while getting them out to eat, drink, and try new places! We will even be printing Taco Passports for participants to get stamped at participating locations throughout the week! Collect at least 4 stamps and be eligible for a very special grand prize drawing as well as smaller prizes!

Taco Week will draw hardcore taco fanatics and people that can appreciate a deliciously creative meal.

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1. They Could Run OUt

We expect that the restaurants will be extremely busy. So, if a place runs out toward the end of a shift, handle it like an adult, go back the next day (earlier), order your taco special and thank them for working hard. Please be nice to our restaurants.

2. There'll Likely Be Waits

The excitement for St. Louis Taco Week has been building! Don't be surprised if restaurants have waits. In fact, be surprised if they don't.

3. Tip Like a Pro

$5 brings out the cheap in all of us, but really, you're likely getting a $10+ taco special, so please tip at least 20%. The people who are serving you are working harder during Taco Week than an average week. A kind word will also be welcome – these people are our friends and neighbors.

4. You Should Buy a Drink and / or Other Food

Purchase of sides and extras is not a requirement, but we think it says a lot to those working hard to bring you an extraordinary experience. Grab some queso, an iced tea, soda, or cocktail and say thanks!

5. Check Social Media

Restaurants will be encouraged to post their waits and remaining tacos for the day on their social platforms. Also don't forget to share and tag your photos with #STLTacoWeek

6. Dine-In (Carry Out Options May Vary)

Just a final note that many restaurants may require you dine-in for their taco specials. Take-out may be subjected to a surge charge depending on each restaurant's policy. Make sure to double-check the Official Taco Week Passport to confirm which locations offer carry-out and which locations are dine-in only.

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